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Crafted by master tea blenders for over 100 years.

JOKO tea leaves are harvested and handpicked from Africa's finest tea gardens, perfectly cut, and expertly blended from a special selection of tea leaves for a strong and richly satisfying tea experience.

So take a moment to pause, reflect, and re-energize with JOKO; it will make all the difference.

Joko's products

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Loose leaf

Enjoy Joko Loose Leaf masterful pure black tea blend made from only the finest African tea leaves. This tea is ideal for bringing communities together with the strong and uplifting flavour.

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Our Story

Joko Tea was first brought to South Africa by the partners Glenton & Mitchell, who worked long hours packaging quality tea and delivering it by bicycle to mines, boarding houses, and restaurants. As their business grew, they invested in a wagon for deliveries. This wagon was pulled by two horses famously named Jo and Ko.

From the start, Glenton & Mitchell ensured that the quality of the tea they sold was always the best. It’s been over a century since Joko Tea was delivered by that first wagon around Johannesburg, and today the rich flavour and aroma of Joko is beloved by tea drinkers countrywide.