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Crafted by master tea blenders in Pakistan since 1948

Lipton Yellow Label Tea is more than just a beverage; it’s a cherished tradition. Sourced from the finest tea gardens of Kenya, our tea leaves are carefully selected to ensure the highest quality. Each cup delivers a rich, full-bodied flavor and a vibrant golden color, making every tea moment special. Produced and packaged in the world’s oldest and largest tea factory in Khanewal, we have been committed to providing quality tea since 1948. Enjoy the unparalleled taste of Lipton Yellow Label, a blend crafted to brighten your day and bring people together.

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Lipton Green Tea Pure Classic 2x1 H (1)

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Cherished by generations, this classic black tea blend creates memorable moments, whether shared with family or alone. The loose leaf format lets enthusiasts savor the full depth of flavor and aroma from high-quality tea leaves, perfect for gatherings

Lipton Danedar is a unique blend crafted to deliver a strong, robust flavor that Pakistani tea lovers appreciate. Known for its full-bodied richness and vibrant color, this tea ensures a satisfying experience with every sip. Perfect for bold tea lovers.

Lipton Yellow Label teabags offer a rich, robust flavor in a convenient format. Each teabag contains leaves from Kenya’s finest gardens, known for their enriched flavor. Expertly crafted, they deliver a deep, invigorating taste, perfect for quick brewing.

Lipton Green Tea offers a refreshing way to enjoy natural green tea. It contains pure leaves from high-quality estates in Kenya. Known for its fresh taste and health benefits, it’s rich in antioxidants and low in calories. Perfect for daily use.

Lipton Green Tea Pure Classic 2x1 H (1)
Copy of LYL-2x1 H

Embracing Wellness and Environmental Responsibility

Health Benefits: All variants of Lipton Yellow Label Tea are rich in antioxidants, which support overall wellness by helping protect the body from free radicals. Drinking Lipton tea regularly can contribute to improved heart health and boost the immune system.

Commitment to being climate positive: Lipton is committed to being climate positive. The packaging for all Lipton Yellow Label products is recyclable, reducing environmental impact and promoting eco-friendly practices. The Khanewal factory, where our tea is produced and packaged, uses a significant solar energy system that meets 66% of its energy needs, further reducing its carbon footprint and demonstrating our dedication to sustainable production​.

The Legacy of "Chai Chahiye": Lipton's Iconic Jingle

The iconic "Chai Chahiye" jingle has been a staple of Lipton's advertising in Pakistan for decades. Originally introduced in in 1964, the jingle quickly became synonymous with the brand, capturing the hearts of tea lovers across the nation. Created by advertising maestro Shahid Salamat, the jingle became an overnight sensation and has been part of Lipton's brand identity ever since​​.

In the '80s, the jingle was popularized even further with the inclusion of Nazia Hassan, whose voice and charisma brought a fresh appeal to the campaign. This period solidified the jingle's place in the hearts of millions and made it an integral part of Pakistan's cultural fabric.

Revitalizing the Classic Jingle

In 2021, Bilal Maqsood, a renowned musician, revitalized the classic jingle to resonate with the younger generation. By incorporating contemporary musical elements and fresh visuals, the new version of "Chai Chahiye" appeals to Gen Z while preserving the nostalgic charm of the original. The updated campaign features popular celebrities and captures relatable moments, making it a hit among the modern audience​. 

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