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At LIPTON Teas and Infusions, our mission is to insightfully articulate, honor and advocate the great value of teas and herbal infusions, through our stable of 36 brands around the world.

We believe tea is a force for good in the world, because it lies at the intersection of care for self and others, connection, refreshment and health. Tea is the most natural and popular beverage besides water; it’s also one of the most culturally significant daily rituals known to mankind.


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LIPTON Teas and Infusions has passionately built its expertise in the blending of teas and infusions for consumers around the world since 1871. Together, our 17,000 people are united in bringing differentiated and compelling benefits to billions of tea enthusiasts around the world.

For the simple, universal pleasure of a lovely cuppa, we create teas and infusions for each moment and each person – perfectly suited to personal habits and preferences.

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Creating value for all

Because we are the global leaders, we take very seriously our commitment to champion the discourse on the benefits of teas and herbals – with sensitivity and passion. Our commitment is to lead the industry towards higher standards of sustainability, growing value for all stakeholders (tea farmers, partners, retailers, suppliers, communities, our people and our consumers across 100 countries) and – significantly – the soil of tea estates and the planet itself.

Our industry leadership
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Transforming the value chain

As an independent company since June 2022, we have begun the journey of certifying the whole company as a B Corp, leveraging the expertise developed with our already certified brands, Pukka and T2. Requirements are quite stringent but being certified as a B Corp forms an important part of our long-term goals, in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. It will help us to continuously ignite social and environmental progress, transforming the way we work to be a part of the solution, and have an impact benefiting all.

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More than ever, teas and infusions have a role to play in people’s lives. At the heart of LIPTON Teas & Infusions’ mission is assuring the confident, dynamic return to centre-stage for the world’s favorite beverage.

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