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An inclusive and nurturing environment

LIPTON Teas and Infusions is the leader of a unique and privileged category. Indeed, we sell natural, healthy and sustainable products that offer moments of personal or shared pleasure. Our business is on-trend, catering to the aspirations of consumers around the world.


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This is why our prospects are outstanding. But we look to the future with humility, inspired by our great responsibility to create value for all – from farmers to consumers, retailers, partners, shareholders, the planet and everyone on it, today and in the future. And – of course – for you, our talent.

We’re all here to do work that is meaningful: this matters to everyone in our team. Infusion is not just what consumers do with our products. It’s a mindset; it’s what we seek to do every day at work – infuse goodness.

For each other, we want to infuse humanity, connection, authenticity and honest pride. We cultivate wellbeing through respect and fairness. With sales in over 100 countries, we welcome and recognize our colleagues for what they are, however different or singular. We create value for all by listening to one another’s ideas and expectations; and we do this while celebrating the rich diversity of our backgrounds.

We create working environments that are fair and safe, where diversity is valued and rights respected – and where everyone feels engaged and can achieve their full potential.


In other words, joining us will allow you to be you and contribute to your best!

And, because commitment should be rewarded, LIPTON Teas and Infusions grows value for its people not just through training, compelling responsibilities and career opportunities, but through attractive compensation packages and long-term incentive plans for each employee.

Aspiring to reach equal gender representation and equal pay across our global business.

Our Leadership Team is already 100% gender balanced and we champion women's empowerment throughout the organization. After all, our CEO is a woman. In Kenya, for example, 45% of our managers are female and our Kenyan tea estate’s manager is a woman.

And that’s not all. We review our pay practices to ensure we give equal pay to women and men, as we always seek to treat you fairly and equitably.

As part of our inclusive business, we also work with our smallholder farmers to ensure that women and girls are socially and economically empowered. We've worked with expert organizations such as UNICEF, UN WOMEN, WE, Digital Opportunities Trust, IDH (the Sustainable Trade Initiative), and the State of Kenya to drive programs in both our business and the local community.

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