How we operate

The company operates in each region and across the full value chain to ensure the dynamic return to center stage for the world’s favorite beverage.

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Indeed, the pleasure of a cup of tea or herbal infusion is both a universal experience and a deeply personal daily ritual, at all moments of the day and in all locations – at home, at the office, the hotel, the restaurant or the café. Because every occasion is singular, we offer a perfect choice for each person and each moment – suited to personal habits and preferences.


With sales in one hundred countries, we give our regional leadership teams a high level of accountability. The company’s approach is to foster an entrepreneurial spirit and to share P&L ownership. Our operations include eight packing plants on the four continents and tea estates in Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda. In total, we buy approximatively 4% of world’s tea production, 2/3 of our supplies coming from Africa.

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As a newly created standalone entity, no matter where we are, our Code of Business Principles provides a clear set of guidelines on how to put our values into practice. It’s about making the right choices ethically – be that in our daily work across our supply chain, sourcing raw materials, external engagements, or cyber and information security. It guides us in how we do business, with integrity and fairness, with respect for the law and our values. It must be followed by everyone at LIPTON Teas and Infusions.

Because we face complex challenges, listening and collaborating are key to building a fairer, more inclusive and sustainable future. To achieve our goals and live up to our responsibility, we support and build all relevant partnerships with customers, suppliers, governments, NGOs, industry players, academia and policymakers. By building industry coalitions and deploying joint programs, we increase our ability to deliver positive social and environmental impacts.

Our Code of Business Principles

Our Responsible Business Partner Policy

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